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Stop Loss at Swing High seems too high at…

When I select a 5 minute chart the stoploss of the next swing high is too far away, there are several swing highs on that timefram before, it seems…

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ProFx 6.0 - Support Forum

Signal History

If I set the signal history in the expert advisor to greater then 8 it will still only display 8 alert arrows, I wonder if i need to  change any…

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ProFx 6.0 - Support Forum

EA - Risk Percentage

I have the EA set to 2% percent risk but went i take a trade with the ea it doesn't work and the trade size becomes whatever i had on the risk fixed…

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ProFx 6.0 - Support Forum

How to get the updated ProFX 6

Hello.I own a license to ProFx 5, how can i access the updated ProFx 6.0 since i did not get any email about it. Thank you and keep up the…

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ProFx 6.0 - Support Forum

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ProFx 5.0 and ProFx 6.0 Differences

Improved Logic to keep you in trades as long there is a trend The improved logic is less sensitive to choppy market conditions and keep you in…

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