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Re: Positive Swap Difference But Negative Gains

It looks to me that the 1:100 account is a factor of 10 out. So for -6.38 pips it should read -63.8 pips, and the monthly pip move is also out by a factor of 10, which would make sense because it would then roughly match the other account for monthly pip move. I found this when I was looking for cur...

Re: Bug on master account?

Hello Alexander

This fault has just happened to me. ie. The master account no longer shows the slaves.

I will change the timeout from the default 10 to the maximum shown which is 30 to see if that helps.

May I also remind you that you have not yet added 60, 120, 240 (as far as I can tell anyway).

Re: Rebalancing question. Close or just move equity?

This is a good question, one that I have thought about. The user guide does indicate that it is a case of moving funds from one broker to the other, ie your option a. But it would be good to get confirmation that this is the best option. Another question I have on a similar topic is what to do if yo...

Re: Few Questions

Thank you Alexander for your prompt response. I shall certainly look into those VPS providers you suggest. I also intend to do more research on which brokers to use, because having looked into the background of the 2 brokers in your example, one of them in particular, (Leotrade) does not give me con...

Few Questions

Signed up yesterday from the UK, and have placed the exact trades that you suggested in the User Guide. Please don't think I am unhappy with the system, I am just trying to understand and assess it. Q1 - After trading the 2 lot size with each broker, the free margin on the Leo account (which for som...

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