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Re: Is the portfolio mentioned in the manual wrong?

275694343 wrote:
Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:01 pm
EURPLN Short, USDPLN Long, EURUSD Short 2 or 3 Brokers
Is EURUSD in the opposite direction?

Yes, it looks like. I will fix it and re upload the user guide.

Thank you for bringing my attention to it!


Re: Sending MT4 ID

khoaphp wrote:
Tue Nov 19, 2019 8:03 am
Hi Forex21.

I did buy Swap EA, and send ID MT4 to you via email k*****

I don't know how long to wait for your reply. Please help me to use EA.

Thank you.
Hello Pham.
Andrew already registered your account. A confirmation E-Mail should be in your inbox.


Re: Calculating lot sizes

looks easy but still a little difficult can you help me with one more example. Short USD/MXN 0.1 lots Long USD/JPY 0.1 lots how do I figure out the if I buy or sell MXN/JPY and at how many lots? sorry, just one more example please You will see. After a little while it becomes easy but you are right...

Re: Calculating lot sizes

The explanation on the manuals are very good, but it didn't explain how to calculate lot sizes when using 3 pairs. Perhaps a noob question, ive searched on forums but can't find it either. for example Buy `0.1 EURUSD SELL 0.1 EURZAR BUY ?? USDZAR How would we calculate the lot size for USDZAR? Than...

Re: master/slave questions

1. if im using 3 brokers, 1 master and 2 slaves, do both slaves have to have the same color as the master? 2. if the trade I want to take is buy on slave 1 and sell on slave 2 and nothing on master, is that possible, will the master account still control the trade or do I need to make one of the sl...

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