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Re: Tools for the trade

The number of tradeable 40$ + combinations is increasing. Beside manual research and MyFxBook, Forexbenchmark is a good research resource. Here is the link: new_swap.png Please note that you need to do some manual filtering before you can use the da...

Re: ProFx 7 Auto Daily Recaps

With all instruments (FX and indices), competitive execution costs (5-7$/lot, no spread markup and no front running), the results should match the ones shown below. Though they do not match our expectations yet, the reference accounts are overall profitable.

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Re: ProFx 7 Auto Daily Recaps

MyFxbook is operated by Russians. The russian word 'poct' has many meanings. The auto translated version 'growth' is in this particular case misleading. The correct interpretation can be found here: Definition negative growth . ---------------- Todays trades: 16082021.png Account stands at the momen...

Re: Profx 7 Auto throwing connection errors (expired cert?)

Hello Andrew.
Thank you for the information. The certificate renews itself automatically 24 hours before it expires but it can take up to 48 hours until it is recognized by all ISP's. I changed the time period to 72 hours.

Thank you for the provided information.

Re: ProFx 7 Auto Daily Recaps

Looking good for sure. Will be nice when we can map the nasdaq to different symbol names as well. Alexander do you guys have an ETA on when that feature might be available? I got no trade today on FX. Have a good weekend all. A custom mapping ...

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