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Re: Telegram Trades Discussion

Ralpharr2001 wrote:
Mon Sep 21, 2020 8:03 am
What do you mean when you 'locked half' ? What do you do to the trade? Sell half or just move the SL?
I use the button in ProFx panel "Close half - move SL". The system closes half of my trade and moves Stop Loss to the entry-level +1 Pips when the button used.

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Re: Telegram Trades Discussion

hi which support line you looking at i see 2 first 1 is 1.30789 the second is 1.30530 which is yesterdays low I would say the global support is at @1.3000-1.3050 And today's daily low as well, sure. Anyway, I don't feel like buying now and there is no reason to sell yet. I do not have any position ...

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