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Hello, everyone.
I got multiple questions as for my entries in the existing signal conditions.
Let's see the entry idea at today's setup.

M30 TF now:

These are the spots I look at besides the existing long signal:

 1. Indies in the window and at the chart-down area point to the same direction with the existing long signal. 
I want to see a clear trend identified by ProFx.
 2. A certain level that price tries to hit. 

If I am not sure should I enter a trade or not I check the lower or higher time frames. 
In this case, M5 speaks for itself.
The price level is the trigger point for me. Let's look at it closer:  M5 setup 

I enter long if the price hits 26850 area.
I stay out of trading if the price moves down.

I am going to add some more setups in the next days for more examples.

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Andrew hi

Thanks for this. 

Could you also please provide some insight as to when half of the trade should be closed and the stop should be moved to BE? I generally see that this point is around 13-17 pips but it is never fixed to some certain point. And sometimes you prefer to close half at 11 pips (which is slightly less than your general target), at which point the price then starts the move at the opposite.


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