November 4, 2019 | +6.8 Pips

Good morning!
This is GBPUSD H4 chart.

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Let's see if the price continues its run upside or cracks down from here.

GBPUSD sell at @1.29256

041119_1.png (38.38 KiB) Viewed 2975 times
Nice low-risk trade - my SL is about 15 Pips.

Close all at @1.29188 (+6.8 Pips)

Exactly this happens sometimes - it looks like the price action is dead and I decide just to close all with tiny profit and then the price drops or pops right after I do so :-)
Anyway, profit is profit.

Re: November 4, 2019 | +6.8 Pips

AbbasChild53 wrote:
Mon Nov 04, 2019 2:36 pm
Andrew, it is not very clear to me why you got in where you did. No arrow there.

Please give more explanation as to your thinking on this trade, why you took it, why you entered where you did, and so on.


Hello Craig.
We do not need a new signal for a new trade. (see also user manual).
If there was a signal earlier and the trend is holding, you can and should join the trend. That is what Andrew did here. He joined the trend and closed the trade when the price action fell asleep. Unfortunately, just one minute after he had closed the trade the bottom broke, the price action picked up and the price went south.

I hope this helps.