Re: trades mt4 terminal

Stephan K wrote:
Tue Oct 08, 2019 6:27 am
hello, I'm still waiting for the promised with profx6 function that the trades are transferred to the mt4.
that was announced for profx 6 and very important to me.

best regards
ProFx 6 is running in Meta Trader 4. Do you mean Meta Trader 5?

If yes. >>>> Yes, it is indeed since a long time on my "todo" list but I did not re-code it yet for MT5 because there is very little demand for.

Re: trades mt4 terminal

Stephan K wrote:
Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:11 am
no, i mean mt4.
you had announced to signal your trades in the mt4 terminal.
otherwise I have problems to trade profitably because the most important thing is getting out of the trade.

best regards
ProFx is a trading system/strategy and we provide daily trade suggestions to support the learning process. What we don't want is that users simple follow our trades blindly without actually having their own good reasons to enter a trade. I would not advice you to use our trades as signals, it might seems a good short term solution but in the long run it will not help your trading. Instead, I would advice you to use them as a guide for your own trading decisions.