July 22, 2020 | +8 Pips | Short Term Trading

In the morning the price failed to go up and the next couple of hours sellers and buyers could not really agree on anything. Still, ProFx kept us on the right side of the market but that did not help my trading.

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I went first short (trend continuation) but closed the first half of the position with a tiny profit and the rest was closed at break even.

profx_23072020.png (60.09 KiB) Viewed 6166 times

When the price failed to go down, I went long and though the setup was really good and there was no reason at all to close the trade...I closed the trade with just a few pips profit.

Both setups where good and both times I traded scared and closed my trades without any valid reason. Why? No idea but if you find yourself making mistakes you should recognize them and take a break.

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