September 22, 2020 |+353 Pips | Short Term Trading

Covid 19 market panic number 973. Yesterday GBPUSD tanked hard and though the bleeding stopped during the Asia session, the price did not bounce. During my morning coffee I noticed that every uptick was met with aggressive selling. That is very unusual, especially before Frankfurt and London traders start there day.
I joined the selling with half size and started to lock in gains after every fresh sell off.

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The setup:
  • Large sell off the day before.
  • No significant bounce (consolidation through time).
  • Upper price level of overnight range intact.
  • Confirmed ProFx signal on higher and lower time frame.
  • Risk above overnight level.
In case you start your trade before Frankfurt/London open, start small and add size in case of pullbacks.


Re: September 22, 2020 |+353 Pips | Short Term Trading

Okay, this is fantastic, but I do not understand how it was done. There is just not enough information to understand your thinking/strategy. Could you write out a fuller explanation to help us understand? I have read the information you have given multiple times, but there is just not enough to go on.
I must confess to feeling disappointed. I have bought both versions 6 and 7. Each time the system is touted as being so profitable, and it is seemingly based on the "take trade" arrows alone. Trade journals are shown, indicating doubling an account in 30 days. Guess that was too good to be true, huh?
The trades that are posted in the forum are in the 5 minute time frame, but there is insufficient explanation as to how and why trades are taken, why entered into when, and how exits are taken.
Last time I posted, I was told that the 30 minute timeframe had to agree with higher trend direction in 4 hour timeframe, comparing it with the daily timeframe. I have been doing that since. The good news is, I haven't lost any money. The bad news is, I also have not made any money. Each time there is an arrow, there is one of three problems:
1. Direction of arrow is contrary to higher timeframe trend.
2. Arrow appears during Asian session, not London/New York
3. I am away from the computer at the time.
So I haven't taken any trades in the past 3 weeks. Each time there is something present I have been told is a barrier to taking that trade. So, confusion, I guess, on my end. I would appreciate more help to be able to trade profitably.
By the way, I am not a newcomer to trading. I have been working for years to learn how to trade profitably and consistently.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Re: September 22, 2020 |+353 Pips | Short Term Trading

yes me too i use my old chart setup to trade need more information and notice andrew dont really trade with the arrows he must use them just for direction then uses his own stratergie so why have the arrows also on the telegram you dont tell us you are there you just post the trades so by the time i realise i am well behind your entry all we need from andrew is good morning so we you know you are about be cause he does not trade everday also sep 22 he gave a trade on the telegram which netted him +22.6 pips but on here he is saying he made +353 pips why was this trade not put on the telegram for all members to see instead he put on a trade that he took on the min chart for +22.6 pips andew please help us to understand the profx7 and your logic