ProFx 7 - New Functions and Features

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New day trading logic and day trading templates
We worked long hours to develop a new logic for short term trades and it turned out very well. During forward testing it took us only two weeks of “by the book” trading to double the day trading account. Draw down never reached 20%. If you would like to know how much potential the system has and what it can do for you, take a look to the Forex Factory verified stats. I am sure you will be impressed.

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Here is the link:*collins ...

New Level Alerts
With ProFx 7 you can set price alerts directly from the trading panel. The alerts ensure that you don’t miss any trading opportunities when the price breaks out of predefined price ranges. As you don’t have to monitor the charts for level breaks, the new function helps to decrease screen time and will make your trading more time efficient.

Scaling in and out of Positions like prop Traders
ProFx 7 allows you to scale in and out of trades the same way professional prop traders in London and New York do it. You can now add size to winning trades and remove size from trades what do not develop as planned with just one click. If you trade around a core with multiple positions, ProFx will display your average entry price directly on the chart.

Advanced Position Management
The new trade stats section displays detailed about all ProFx 7 trades and allows you to modify one, several or all trades with just one click. You can move stops to breakeven, close positions partially of completely directly from the trading panel.

New and more flexible Trading Panel
The new designed ProFx 7 panel comes with more options and you can select directly on your chart which sections should be displayed. One-click buttons can be now disabled (with just one click) to make sure no trades will be placed based on some key stroke errors.

Improved Algorithm and Volatility Ratios
The improved algorithm adapts to volatility changes quicker and the new added volatility ratios provide you with statistical valid information how much the price moved today in comparison to its average daily figure. It is one of many details what will help you to make better and more informed trading decisions.

Everything is customizable
While we believe that the regular and newly added day trading settings do not require any changes, we do not want to limit you in any way. That’s why all parameters, including the ones that control the very core of the system are now fully adjustable and you can change them according to your personal preferences.

Other than that
The logic to automatically calculated optimal SL values has been further improved. The one click functions to execute and modify trades has been optimized. The license module is now more flexible and the whole system uses less computer resources.

More information about ProFx 7 including live trading stats from our 50K trade suggestions account can be found on the product description page. ... egy-profx/


PS: We do have a special upgrade offer for all existing ProFx clients. Please check your e-mail inbox for more information.

Re: ProFx 7 - New Functions and Features

A user asked my about differences in signals. I think the answer can be interesting for other ProFx users as well.
Swing Trading on the 4 hour and daily chart
There will be some differences in signals but overall the results will be pretty much the same because trades are kept long term and it does not matter much if you are sometimes a bit late or early. For users who trade on this time frames, v 6 and v 7 will serve them equally well.

Conclusion: ProFx users who trade on the H4, Daily and Weekly chart will get the same results with both versions.

Trading M30 and H1
Thanks to level alerts and earlier signals after overextended price moves, v 7 will outperform v 6 over time. Entry and exit prices will be better and win rate will be a bit higher than with v 6. Thanks to the new position management, level alerts and volatility info, trading will be more efficient with v 7.

Conclusion: V 7 will do a better job for ProFx users because the benefits of the slightly better entries, level alerts and position management ads up over time.

Short term trading on the M5, M1 and tick chart
The new position management allows the v7 user to act very quickly and as result entries and exits will be more precise. V 7 is also faster around corners what translates into better risk/reward ratios.

Today is a good example. V6 would confirm the trade one bar (5 pips) later. The risk wit v6 would have been 9-10 pips while it was 3-4 pips with v7. Over time a few pips here and some more there makes a large difference when it comes to short term trading.

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Conclusion: ProFx users who are interested in short term trading really need v 7 because having the possibility to enter, exit and modify trades fast and with high precision matters a lot when it comes to short term trading. If you try short term trading with the order Meta Trader order buttons you will get permanently robbed by other traders. With the ProFx 6 panel you will be quicker but still to slow. With version 7 users have a tool to be as fast as prop traders are and that translates into a lot of fun and consistent results.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have further questions.
ProFx 7 - The science of Trading

Re: ProFx 7 - New Functions and Features

Trevtrader wrote:
Tue Aug 04, 2020 7:50 am
How soon will you be releasing the update?

Because without the drag and drop function for SL/TP (which was removed by mistake I understand) , version 7 is seriously hindered.
Hello Trevtrader.
Yes, it was removed unintentionally. We are already work on the update and you will receive an E-Mail from us with the updated build version as soon as it is available.


Re: ProFx 7 - New Functions and Features

Trevtrader wrote:
Tue Aug 04, 2020 7:50 am
How soon will you be releasing the update?

Because without the drag and drop function for SL/TP (which was removed by mistake I understand) , version 7 is seriously hindered.
I am in agreeance, I have just started using the system and was startled to find out I could not drag and drop my SL where I want it.

This is something that needs to be fixed ASAP team.