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1) A DD of 3.75% should not worry you either. If you define a DD of 3.75% as "seriously under water", you should probably adjust the risk to a level you are comfortable with. 

2) Micro analyzing trades does usually more harm than good. 

3) FX instruments correlate with each other, while FX instruments and indices do not. If the EA has access to both set of instruments, the expected results are better because correlating and not correlating instruments are used for trading.

4) Individual accounts will have different results. Influential factors include: Allowed instruments, risk settings, execution quality and last but not  least trade execution costs.

I hope this helps.


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Here's my myfxbook guys. My account is negative at the moment, but despite this, I believe it is only because I started right at the start of the recent downtrend and I have been happy with the trades placed thus far.

The EA's trades seem to open/close with good logic to me, so I am happy to keep it invested for the long-term. I have some making up to do though because its down -7% since I started. I will leave the account untouched so the EA can work.

My broker's USTEC symbol for Nasdaq is called NDXUSD. So until we can map custom symbols, the account is only trading GBPUSD and EURUSD. Here are the account details...

Pairs: GBPUSD and EURUSD (no USTEC until we can map to different names)
Leverage: 100:1
Spreads: Raw (very tight)
Execution: Very good, ECN execution (Equinix NY4)

Risk Management Settings
Lots Option: Scaled Lot
Lots Multipler: 1

All other settings default.


Hope this might help us compare and reference trades between each other.

Happy trading to you all.

Re: ProFx 7 Auto Daily Recaps

only20gp wrote:
Tue Jun 22, 2021 10:02 am
Our average losses are identical, but your average wins are a lot smaller. Does your broker clip you on exits of profitable trades?

No they don't but I did intervene on the first few trades as I wasn't sure if I was receiving the trades properly as it looked so much different from the manual strategy. So it might be better to compare recent and forward trades.