Day Trading Results

On this account I copied my short term trades from the last two weeks. The majority of trades are "by the book" but the trained eye will see that I made some trading mistakes here and there. That said, it is not required to be a perfect trader to succeed with ProFx and it is ok make some mistakes.

As of today, 467 trades where placed and it took me 2.5 trading weeks to double the account.
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Here is what it takes/what is needed:

ProFx 7 System
The classic template is used as directional guide and the short term trading template to enter trades. The one click trading panel is used to enter trades quickly and the position management is used to manage positions (move stops, close trades partially etc). The new panel is a key factor because without it your results will be random because you will be permanently to late to enter/exit trades.

ECN Broker account (spread only) with competitive commission structure.
Short term trading means that you will trade with size and enter many trades. Even on a small account 100 lots/week are normal and therefore it matters how much commission you pay per round turn.

1-3 months practice to eliminate trading mistakes what harm your performance most
It is not difficult to trade momentum continuations, bounces, break outs and ranges. Especially not with ProFx. The difficult part is to eliminate costly trading mistakes. As example: Averaging up, adding to negative positions, martingale trading, large losses and small winning positions etc. Depending of your experience level it will take you 1-3 months to eliminate the ones what hold you back.

I hope this helps.

PS: I know that some who read this already have a calculator in the hand to calculate how much money they can make within one year when they double their account every month. Before you get all crazy with your calculator, please consider that short term trading is done for income and profits are usually withdrawn 2-4 times a month.