Re: Positive Swap Difference But Negative Gains

It looks to me that the 1:100 account is a factor of 10 out. So for -6.38 pips it should read -63.8 pips, and the monthly pip move is also out by a factor of 10, which would make sense because it would then roughly match the other account for monthly pip move.

I found this when I was looking for currency pairs to trade - some brokers make comparisons very difficult and time consuming.

Good luck anyway.

Re: Positive Swap Difference But Negative Gains

Thanks for the reply - that looks correct. Not easy this to identify opportunities when there are discrepancies like this to contend with.

Also found that the margin required on another 'opportunity' effectively rules it out too and two other swaps changed within a day of me setting up demo, thus ruling them out too.

I'll stick at it for a bit longer...