Re: "Display My Trading Session" option removed in V7

1) I do not use it
2) it does not adjust for daylight savings and so is unreliable.

Because you don't use it, it does not mean it is unreliable. Start and end session is a simple feature what allows you to organize your trading day/sessions. If you pay close attention you will also notice that volatility increases when key markets like London and New York opens.

Anyway, if you would like to remove the session info, simple delete start and end time inputs (start session and end session input field empty).

I hope this helps.

Re: "Display My Trading Session" option removed in V7

Thanks for the info on removing the lines. Awesome.

I mean it's unreliable as it requires manual adjustment for Daylight savings/broker time changes.
That is what I mean by unreliable - me manually changing them to align with DST and broker time makes it unreliable.

I use another tool that auto adjusts for these so can be relied upon to have the right time bands for London open all the time.

Re: "Display My Trading Session" option removed in V7

Your solution does not suppress the line. It still draws a line on the screen. I am unsure why the steadfast refusal to restore simple functionality that is found useful by your users and has been removed from v7? I am not asking for something new or randomly abusing the product - but making a rational request that you continue to provide a simple feature what was found useful by one of your loyal customers. The fact I am met with obtuse refusals is disappointing to say the least.

Please kindly restore the functionality you removed from the previous version v6.
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