Re: Note for new players...not all lot sizes are the same ;(

andrew1 wrote:
Wed Nov 27, 2019 5:49 am
Put swap trade on Silver...looked good.
Went to bed. woke up to imbalance...what the? Same # lots. Correct symbol. Mother F&/@&er!
1lot/1000usd on one 1lot/5000usd on the other.

There went $2k

Still @$18/day I just need to keep transaction alive for ummmm...55 days
We got caught with this one as well. We collected the data, double checked them by looking to the specifications but we did not compare the contract size. Contract sizes are almost always identical (except when the account types are different. Standard, Mini, Micro), but sometimes they are not. :|


Re: Note for new players...not all lot sizes are the same ;(

Hello Andrew.
The message "Market closed" is displayed when you cannot enter a trade.

1) During the weekend or holidays.
2) Outside market hours.
3) If the EA is attached to a symbol where trading is disabled. (it is possible that the market is open but trading is disabled from the broker side)
4) Outside broker specified trading hours. (Screenshot)

Trading Hours
trading_disabled.png (8.64 KiB) Viewed 2423 times

I hope this helps.