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With all instruments (FX and indices), competitive execution costs (5-7$/lot, no spread markup and no front running), the results should match the ones shown below. Though they do not match our expectations yet, the reference accounts are overall profitable.

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Re: ProFx 7 Auto Daily Recaps

Im not sure why im having such a difficult time getting these questions through, and thus answered. Let me try to address them specifically so its easier to be answered.

1) Alexander - can you please let me know when the indices mapping feature will be available?

2) Alexander and all the other members - can you guys please provide a myfxbook link? Currently I am the only one who has one. Can someone also please provide a link so that we can compare trades and analyse performance transparently?

So far the EA seems to only be setting new record lows. Whenever someone contradicts this, there is no myfxbook to justify this otherwise. I can only assume that my myfxbook is the gospel here, unless some people can help me contrast. Please, lets come togethere here provide some transparency, so this does not turn in to a dead-beat user group.

Again here is my link:

Thank you, and looking forward to the answers to the 2 questions above.

Re: ProFx 7 Auto Daily Recaps

Hi JGSP. re. point 2. The reason I have not posted a MyFXBook is that on my live account I am running other EA's and the ProFX Auto EA uses different magic numbers with each trade so I can not easily filter just on ProFXAuto.

My demo account (Pepperstone) does not have index trades, so is just FX (like yours) and I can confirm this is consistently heading lower and lower.

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Thanks Andrew. Much appreciated. Glad to know its not just mine continually setting new lows. Im just trying to decide if this is a failed project (i.e., needs to be re-thunk and/or re-designed). Its getting to the point where, recovery is looking to be a fairly long trajectory. Next month mroe liquidity comes on after teh summer. It could help, but might realistically shut it down.