January 20, 2020 | -14.5 Pips

Good morning!

We have US Banks Holiday today

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Let's see how GBPUSD chart will behave today.

I took very tiny risk (of 14 Pips) short trade at @1.29775 as the charts are actually moving.
Let's see what comes out.

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SL hit at @1.29862 (-14.5 Pips)

My SL was 1 pip too close :-)
Still - this was very good trade for quick few pips!

Re: January 20, 2020 | LIVE

Took Sell becasue we where 50% in that dreaded 4H low zone and was happy to see if we got a push to S1 which we did 1st leg +13.6
M5 shows the trade ans M30 showing my previous 4H low zone ( red lines).

Moved to BE and will let this ride ... not sure what will happen with US BH & S1 below ...
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