Re: January 27, 2020 | +12.3 Pips

andrew1 wrote:
Mon Jan 27, 2020 12:21 pm
Thanks mate. Appreciate your posted trades, winners and losers. I am still net negative pips as i learn the system and my human failings :) But your trades help me focus on limiting variations and forming an edge. It's a dull edge ;)
Trading is quite challenging work - we struggle not only with the charts but with ourselves. It's hard to stick to the rules if you are frustrated because of the losses or happy with yourself after several wins in a row and feel like a superhero :-)
I also have drawdown time these weeks and it is hard for me too. But what I know for sure after years of trading that if I stick to my trading rules (position size, SL respect and mainly NOT FIGHT WITH THE CHARTS and make just 1 trade a day) I will get out really soon out of this.

And you will do too if you'll be disciplined and trade with a cold head.

p.s. And follow ProFx signals :-) I really cannot look to charts without them anymore.