Re: Close partial order after LOT size problem

1lot EURNZD close 50% =0.5lot
6lot EURNZD close 50% =3lot

9.81 lot AUDUSD close 50% =4.9lot
1.64lot AUDUSD close 50% =0.82lot
But if you look at the position you're holding,
0.25 lot EURNZD
1.5 lot EURNZD

2.45 lot AUDUSD
0.41 lot AUDUSD

Is this a wrong position? That doesn't seem to be a hedge.
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Re: Close partial order after LOT size problem

I can only see parts of the tickets/trades. Therefore it is not really possible to tell you what was closed, why and when.

As example:
The settings show that the EA will close 50% of all trades when the margin comes down to 25%.
The screenshots below (b1 and b2) show closed trades but the margin info shows that there was enough margin.

You either used different settings when the trades where closed or some trades where closed manually. What really happend, I cannot tell without having detailed knowledge about used settings and the original settings.

I think it will be a good idea if you would go back to the original portfolio and start comparing trades from there. Maybe the portfolio was not balanced from the beginning.

I hope this helps.